Studying fabric : 2020AW

Bonding fabric that creates a new silhouette

Bonding fabric made by laminating furano wool, which has a supple texture and gloss, and mesh material with excellent cushioning properties. The three-dimensional silhouette created by the strength of the mesh leads to the concept of "ARCHITECTURE", which is the theme of 20AW. The coat with side and back bonding fabric creates a new silhouette that does not trace the contours of the body. In addition, the design uses different materials on the front and back by fine cutting and switching.


The pullover is based on rayon cotton, and the hem and sides are bonded to create a unique comfort that does not adhere to the body.
The skirt is an attempt to transform the basic box skirt into an unknown one by using wool on the front and bonding fabric on the back.


Harikae is conscious of making materials with knitting and printing and creating a silhouette that is comfortable to wear and beautiful by using the form that makes use of it. We also value the detail that can be thoroughly enjoyed and the high degree of freedom of wearing so that the owner can continue to use it for a long time.