Space nature : 2021SS

A world of openness seen from restrictions

A world of openness seen from restrictions
At 21SS, I imagined a collection where a certain restriction would lead to the next opening, as if I imagined a landscape far from a nearby landscape.
In addition to the graphic work, we made some changes by processing the fabric and shape close to the limit.
In the material making, we made a fabric that gives a three-dimensional look due to wrinkles by washing out the polyester fabric after processing it hard. By using this material for shirt coats and skirts with a tailor motif, we have created a unique finish that is wrinkled while being tailored. I put the expression of the moon and the cosmic atmosphere in the look.


In the pleated knit series, we made tops and skirts with vertical pleats and horizontal pleats slightly offset from the front center. In addition to the vertical direction, pleating is performed in the horizontal direction to create a silhouette that moves against gravity. The lightness of the polyester material, which is not like a knit, emphasizes the presence of horizontal pleats that oppose gravity.


In the cotton silk shirt, the ribs are stretched to the placket so that the left front body is pulled when molded, giving it a unique wrinkled shape. The front body, which has different lengths and shapes on the right and left, gives variations to the way the buttons are fastened, creating an unusual comfort and balance.


The denim dress has a yellow print fabric that peels off so as to traverse the front and back of the body, and can be opened and closed with a zipper. The normal opening and closing position of the fastener is the same height on the left and right, but by setting the opening and closing position to different heights on the left and right, browsing is created on one side and a three-dimensional silhouette is created on the waist part.


We made four holes in the 150cm square nature print fabric. As a poncho, I made it so that the neck and arms can be passed through three of these four holes so that various styling is possible. In the pareo, four holes on both sides and back create a three-dimensional silhouette. Furthermore, in rolled skirts and stoles, these four holes are the elements that create a free styling and a unique silhouette with fluctuations.


In 21SS, designs and construction methods that give certain restrictions, such as prints depicting imaginary cosmic nature, hardened fabrics, lateral pleats and stretched ribs, and pattern making with multiple holes, etc. doing.
A world where certain restrictions react in a positive direction, which leads to opening up.
Harikae hopes to bring this collection to women who imagine the new freedom of this era.