Fabric image : 2020AW

Mixing colors in the light

It may be a little exaggerated, but the origin of optics lies in astronomy, biology, mathematics, politics, philosophy, etc., built by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and others in the 3rd century BC.
Among them, Aristotle thought that "mixing light and darkness produces various colors."

Luis Khan, a modern architect and touted philosopher of light, said, "Taking care of silence and light at the root of all things." I tried to build a world of only essence wrapped in light and darkness.



While capturing light philosophically, modern science has found that light has the properties of particles and waves, and the color visible to humans lies between the wavelengths of 380 and 780 nanometers. During this period, colors from purple to red are connected, and ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, X-rays, and γ-rays exist outside the range.


The colors we see are manifested in that the surface of an object reflects only certain colors and absorbs others. The various colored mirror patterns of the 2020AW are created by fixing multiple light reflected from multiple objects to a mirror body with unevenness. Mix the wavelengths of each object in the reflected light. It is an attempt to create colors and patterns by mixing RGB, which is said to be the three primary colors of light, in an analog fashion, or by mixing paints made of light.
It may be said that Aristotle's idea of "color is created by mixing light", which was conceived from a philosophical perspective, can be said to be embodied from the perspective of modern science.


Color charts that have been created since modern times output a large number of uniform and unsharpened colors by inputting RGB numerical values.
The 2020AW collection is a non-quantifiable "primitive color pattern" that differs from the color charts created after modern times by tracing a phenomenon like Lewis Khan back to its origin, in this case Aristotle's way of thinking. Is aimed at.
It's a primitive, non-reproducible, one-record-like fabric that shaped the moment you are seeing right now.