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Abstract distance

Abstract distance
Recently, I've been in the atelier more often, and now I can see the scenery from the windows. The trees, sky, and light I saw there were the usual scenery I often saw, but they were very gentle and beautiful. The 21SS collection started from such a landscape.
Space Nature: Space nature, spatial nature.
Space is used not only to mean a region such as space or space, but also to indicate a specific place such as the universe outside the Earth's airspace.
Nature generally means untouched nature such as mountains, rivers, and the sea, but it also includes the basic nature of human beings and the essence of things.
The two graphics used in the 21SS collection are a refinement of the small nature seen from the atelier.

Space Nature:宇宙的自然、空間的性質。

One is a rock surface like the moon shining in yellow gold, and the other is a strange landscape that is not found in everyday life, with green dancing in a black space. Both graphics are spring osmanthus that were visible from the atelier, but they are nature that does not actually exist.
From the scenery we were seeing nearby, we imagined nature as if it existed in a distant universe, and redrawn the photographs graphically.


From 2020, the world has changed to a world where people and places are strongly conscious of physical distances.
Keep a certain distance from people offline, and share a place online regardless of distance.
New everyday life is changing the modern values ​​of distance.
In the future, various technologies will be born to solve the problem of physical distance, regardless of whether it is short or long distance.
In contrast to such physical distances, 21SS "Space Nature" tried to think about abstract distances. About invisible distances that don't really exist.
An invisible landscape seen from the atelier.
A landscape that is near but far away, but does not exist.

そうした物理的な距離に対し、21SS ”Space Nature”では抽象的な距離について考えようとしました。実際には存在しない、目に見えない距離について。

We tried to shape the abstract distance we see in our imagination by overlaying the distant universe on the nearby landscape. Due to certain restrictions, I saw something that I couldn't normally see, and began to think about distances that I hadn't been aware of before.
Seeing, listening, speaking, writing, and new everyday life change communication.
Thinking about abstract distances through clothes has given us a little different communication, forgetting the physical distances and reassuring us a little.